51. Immunizations That May Be Needed

To enter certain countries you may be required to obtain certain immunizations first. ITT expert can advise you on the steps you need to take.

52. Special Deals Worked Out in Advance

ITT agents may have a relationship with certain tour operators and could be able to get you a special price that might not otherwise be available.

53. Make Travel Meaningful for Children

ITT agents can offer information about kid-friendly activities on your trip to make the experience exciting and meaningful for everyone.

54. Where to Shop

ITT agents can offer excellent advice on great shopping neighbourhoods in your destination city.

55. Avoid Scams

Not all 5 star hotels are treated equally. Many times photos are outdated and information about the hotel you are considering may not be true. ITT agents can make sure that what you are seeing beforehand is what you get.

56. What You Can Buy Later

New airline restrictions make packing for long trips hard. ITT experts can give you advice on what you might be able to purchase while you are on your trip to avoid having excess weight in your luggage beforehand.

57. Advice on Where to Go if You Get Sick

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to get hurt or fall ill while on your trip, ITT agents can help you find somewhere clean and safe for medical attention.

58. Trust

If you should have any questions after booking your trip, you know how to reach ITT agent and can avoid the confusing FAQ section on a website.

59. You Know How to Reach Them When You Need Them

Problems at the airport? Reservation issues at the hotel? Your ITT agent is a phone call away from getting your problem solved.

60. Tips and Tricks

How early do you really need to be at the airport? What are the quickest ways to get through security? Your ITT experts can advise you of the airport security levels the day of your trip and any new security checkpoints you may have to worry about.

61. Is the Upgrade Worth It?

Your ITT expert can help you save money by helping you decide if certain upgrades at hotels are really worth the extra money.

62. Difference in Days to Save Money

Instead of playing around with dates on the internet for hours, your ITT agent can advise you on any changes to your travel dates that might save you hundreds of dollars.

63. Staying In-the-Know of Daily Promotions

ITT agents get emails and faxes of daily money saving promotions.

64. Enhancing the Trip with Extra Amenities | Clarifying the Fine Print

Your ITT specialist may be able to arrange for those little extras- like a bottle of champagne to be waiting in your room when you arrive.

Your ITT agent can advise you of all the cancelation penalties and restrictions hidden in the fine print of your travel documents.

65. Using Clout in Impossible Situations | Detailed Itineraries

Whether it is airline seats, cruise reservations, or overbooked activities travel experts have more buying power than the average consumer.

Your ITT expert can help you plan out your trip day- by -day to give you a good mix of fun and relaxation.

66. Advice on Activities to Book Beforehand

ITT experts can forewarn you of any activities that tend to sell out early so there are no unexpected disappointments when you are there. For example, character dining in Disney sells out months in advance.

67. General Ideas on Where to Go

ITT experts can offer excellent trip advice based on the details of what type of trip you want to take. Internet booking sites tend to require a destination up front.

68. A Trip to Nowhere…Sort of

Want to get away to somewhere that is not normally a vacation hot spot? Your ITT specialist can help you find that perfect place.

69. Great Singles Trips

ITT agents can help find you exciting single trips and cruises.

70. What to Pack

Your ITT expert can give you great advice on what to pack to those exotic destinations.

71. Plan a Trip Where you Bring the Kids but Can Still Get Some Alone Time

Many cruises and resorts now offer activities throughout the day for young children that make the day fun for them and give you some time to yourself. ITT experts can help you find great family destination options such as these.

72. Higher Productivity Benefits

You have your trip planned while you are hard at work in the office.

73. You Get to be the Boss

You get to tell someone what to do for a change.

74. Great Group Trips

Trying to organize a trip for big group of people? ITT experts can help get all the details finalized and update everyone in the group.

75. Someone to Complain to

If that slim chance was to occur that you do not get what you were promised; you have a real person to go back and complain to. ITT agents will work hard to rectify the matter.

76. They Are Considered Travel Experts and Specialists

Wouldn’t you rather have ITT experts plan your trip rather than a pre-programmed website?

77. Best Pre-Seat Assignments Possible

ITT agents can talk directly with the airline to arrange for you to get the seats with the most leg room, seats that might not otherwise be released until the day of the flight.

78. Mapping Routes Out Ahead of Time

Not really good at reading maps? ITT expert can help you to map out any basic directions you might need on your trip ahead of time.

79. Family with 3 Small Children and Only Want 1 Room?

ITT expert might be able to find a way to help a family with small children get around the hotel policies of only 4 to a room.

80. Help, I’m Lost!

If you should get lost somewhere along the way, your travel agent could be a good outlet for help.

81. Makes Sense

It just Makes Sense to Use a ITT Agent

82. They’re Out There… Use Them

Why do the work? if someone else like a ITT specialist can.

83. Possibility of a Free Gift

Some times ITT agents offer free incentives. Who doesn’t like the possibility of free presents?

84. Even if the Internet Goes Down Your Trip Can Still Be Planned

Your ITT agent can still get your trip planned even if your internet at home or at the office is not working.

85. Back-up Distributor of Documents

You can give your ITT agent a copy of all your travel documents so if anything were to get lost you have someone to call that can send copies.

86. Because We Said So

Our business is to help you find a qualified travel specialist.

87. What to Expect on the Flight

Your ITT expert can give you helpful answers on what to expect on long flights and maybe some interesting activities to do while flying.

88. It is Their Job

ITT agents actually work to get different accreditations to increase their qualifications as a travel expert.

89. Lost Baggage

If the airline should lose your baggage, ITT agents can get on the phone and make sure the airline works as quickly as they can to solve the problem allowing you to at least go relax at the hotel.

90. Travel Agents Must Be Doing Something Right. They Sure Have a lot of Business

Travel agents still sell 51 percent of all airline tickets, 87 percent of all cruises, 81 percent of all tours and packages, 45 percent of all car rentals and about 47 percent of all hotels.*

91. Don’t Like Letter Writing?

ITT agents will send a letter to the airline or hotel for you if you should have a bad flight or poor service at a hotel.

92. Sound Important When Talking About Your Trip

After a bragging about a great trip to co-workers or the neighbours, and they ask how you got all those details organized you can say, “ITT did it.”

93. Forbidden Fruit

ITT agents can forewarn you of items not allowed to be brought back into your home country. –Yes, you have to smoke those Cuban cigars before you leave to come home and you can’t bring that “rattling rose apple” back with you from India!

94. Financial Planning

ITT experts can help you to create a budget to stick to while you are on your trip, so you can have a good time and not break the bank.

95. Good Babysitters

ITT experts might be able to help you find a local babysitter in the area you are travelling to if you want to plan a night out alone.

96. Good Lounge Recommendations

ITT specialists can help you decide if purchasing access to an airline lounge is worth it or not.

97. Good Airport Hangouts

ITT agents travel a lot. They can probably help you figure out what to do with that extra time you have in an airport after getting through security.

98. Where to Watch Your Wallet More Carefully

Although you should always take extra care to hold onto your wallet when travelling, ITT agents can warn you if pick pocketing is common at your future destination.

99. What to Put in the Hotel Safe

ITT agents can give you good advice on what you should be keeping in that hotel safe while you are out exploring the sites so there is nothing important missing when you return.

100. Altering Your Travel Arrangements

If you have already booked your trip but want to change some details ITT agents can help get all the necessary steps done, leaving you without the headache and confusion.

101. It Makes Travelling Easy

Once you choose Instant Travels and Tourism, your dream vacation is just a phone call away.

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