We believe that our VIP customers should get VIP treatment. Instant Travels and Tourism desires to meet your unique personal travel requirements in every precise detail, that’s why we can personalize your requests by working around your life, your schedule, your needs and your tastes. When it comes to services, transport, flights and hotels, Instant travels and tourism will provide you with service and satisfaction that is unmatched anywhere – A true VIP experience.


We dedicate specific resources to each of our clients and create travel profiles for all members of our clients’ employee, this insures that your company develops a strong relationship with our staff and also travel procurement will be as efficient as possible. ITT online booking option both reduce service fees and suit those business professionals who prefer the independence of web-based travel arrangements. Our main focus is to save you time and money.


ITT is the ultimate travel resource for anyone planning a group trip. Group tour planners, family reunions, student travel, sport events and buddy trips can compare group travel destinations, group hotel rates, dining options, tour operators and much more! It's truly amazing how far family holidays have come, the places you can go & the experiences you can have as a family. Our family holidays have been designed with children in mind from leading responsible companies committed to supporting local people & the environment.


Students today have more choice then ever before with regard to destination and overseas experiences. Whether travelling to study, learn a new language, work or simply for the thrill of adventure, travelling provides a first-hand insight into countries and cultures as well as a new perspective on life. Student travel services - information and advice for young independent travelers. Member organizations of the ITT meet the changing needs of students and youth travellers by developing and negotiating new and reduced-cost products and services.

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